9m car has become the new darling of the passenger car market

In the highway bus market in the past two years, the term “competition in the public railways” is a reference to a high rate. However, what is the cruelty of the competition in the public railways? Perhaps we can take a look at the changes in the current bus market.

With the advent of the high-speed rail era, the passenger transportation structure of the railways, highways, and aviation has changed. As for the road passenger transportation, the strong high-speed train has greatly reduced the living space of road passenger transport, and the adjustment of the passenger transportation structure has brought demand for vehicles. The change. Affected by this, the product structure of passenger car manufacturing companies has begun to adjust, and changes involving the entire bus market are quietly taking place.

The continuous decline in the production and sales volume of passenger cars over 9 meters in length has signaled to the passenger car industry the adjustment of the passenger car market structure. Following the shift in demand for large passenger cars, the 9-meter car has become the new darling of the passenger car market.

More than 10 meters of road bus passengers more than 10 meters scenery is no longer more than 10 meters Road passenger coaches have always been the most concerned about the bus manufacturer's market segments, because the large-scale road passenger bus is the highest profit margin of all bus companies in the market. Before the high-speed rail network has become so complete, inter-provincial and city-to-city long-distance passenger transport mainly relies on large-scale highway passenger vehicles of more than 10 meters, and road passenger transportation plays an important role in road transportation.

According to incomplete statistics, more than 100 pairs of high-speed railways were opened in 2013 in Beijing, Shanghai, Beijing-Guangzhou, Beijing-Harbin, Shanghai-Nanjing and Wuhan-Guangzhou trunk lines. The continuous improvement of the high-speed rail network layout has made the total space for road passenger transport on the trunk line and feeder line compressed, and the proportion of road passenger transport in road transport has continuously declined.

“The general price of large-size passenger cars over 10 meters is relatively high, and they are basically over a million yuan. Under the current market environment, many passenger transport companies will not purchase large passenger vehicles, considering the input-output ratio. The squeezing of the road passenger car market is mainly reflected in the subdivided market of more than 10 meters, and the models under 10 meters are not affected much. Although the long-distance line operation is in poor condition, many passenger transport companies are still reluctant to give up. The demand for large-size buses of more than 10 meters began to shift to 9-meter vehicles, and the market demand for 9-meter vehicles has grown significantly. The relevant person in charge of the Suzhou Golden Dragon Product Planning Department told the "Commercial Automotive News" reporter.

In addition, the introduction of the new “classification and rating of operating buses” in 2013 also affected the structural adjustment of the bus market. Peng Feng, general manager of Zhongtong Coach Marketing Corporation, said: “The new bus class standard has made a 47+1+1 upper limit for the number of passenger seats. Under this rule, the passenger transport company chooses a large scale of 11 meters and 12 meters. Passenger cars are no longer cost-effective. As a result, the sales volume of large passenger cars has dropped. Affected by this, the market demand for medium-sized passenger cars has grown."

Passenger car industry demand to change the market structure <br> <br> highway passenger car 9 m first brought changes in demand for passenger car business, long-distance lines margins, survival difficult to make ends meet, the demand for cars forced the bus company to Cost-effective, more economical and pragmatic direction, 9m car has become the focus of many passenger transport companies.

“We can now buy a car and we can say that we are forced to choose. The actual consideration is no longer the vehicle itself, but the change in the industry. How we want to survive. What we need is a vehicle that can generate revenue for us under the current line profit conditions. Taking all factors into consideration, the most demanded road passenger transport market is the 9-meter boutique model.” Chen, the manager of Qingdao Jiaoyun Group, further explained: “On the one hand, the online occupancy rate of long-distance classes has dropped sharply. The meter and 12-meter models are obviously not suitable for operation, and the 9-meter model is just enough to meet the current attendance requirement. On the other hand, the business passenger transport in the short-to-medium-distance service line is our new profit growth point, and about 19 meters is about 19 meters. The car just meets the current business passenger demand."

When it comes to changes in the demand for passenger cars, the first thing to feel is definitely the sales staff of bus manufacturers. Manager Liu Jinlong Domestic Marketing Co., Ltd. Manager Liu felt very deep about this. He said: “At present, passenger transport companies pay more attention to cost-effectiveness when selecting vehicles, but this is not the case in the early days. Early trunk transportation and passenger gold lines, when customers choose cars, Not paying attention to price, the focus is on the brand, grade and configuration of the vehicle, for example, whether it is a business seat, a luxury seat, an import chassis, etc. It is precisely these trunk lines and gold lines that are most affected by the passenger transport market. Under the pressure of competition, the profitability of these lines has shrunk dramatically.Taking Qingdao-Jinan as an example, this line originally used a young Neoplan car with a cost of nearly 3 million yuan, which was issued in two places and had more than 40 vehicles at the same time. In operation, the number of vehicles has been reduced to a dozen after the opening of the motor vehicle, all of which have been replaced with vehicles of 9 meters or less in operation."

Bus enterprises to adjust product structure <br> <br> class had long lines especially gold line of fire, the company created a demand for large passenger bus, bus manufacturer in this period also introduced a number of large passenger cars classic cars. With the changes in the market structure of road passenger transport and the demand for passenger vehicles, the product structure of passenger car manufacturers has also been adjusted in a timely manner.

“Right now passenger transport companies have very small living space and poor profitability. Changes in their living conditions will directly affect the production of passenger cars. From the standpoint of the market trend of road vehicles, the overall proportion of large passenger cars and medium-sized passenger cars has changed little. However, the proportion of 12-meter cars will be reduced.In addition, the new standard for passenger car classes stipulates that the maximum number of coaches cannot exceed 49, which will accelerate the decline in the number of 12-meter passengers.In the field of road vehicles, the bus and CMB are separated by 9 meters. Therefore, the market demand of large passenger cars will be tilted to medium-sized cars of 9 meters or less. As a manufacturer of passenger cars, our focus will shift to models of 9 meters and below," said Liu.

In addition, he also pointed out that in addition to road passenger cars, buses are also clearly developing towards miniaturization. He said: “From the perspective of our sales structure, buses above 9 meters account for more than 70% of the company’s total bus sales. This year, this ratio may drop to 60%. In the future, bus sales under 9 meters will account for The ratio may reach 50%."

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