· Beijing wading insurance claims increased by more than 30% of the luxury cars were flooded

Heavy rains occurred frequently in Beijing. Yesterday, the reporter learned from several major property insurance companies in Beijing that on the 16th and 17th of this month, the number of flooded vehicles reported a surge of more than 30%, and many of the luxury car engines were flooded and damaged.
According to the latest statistics, Ping An Property & Casualty Beijing Branch received 189 reports of flooded vehicles and rescued 164 times, a surge of 30% compared with usual. Among them, only Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Maserati and other high-end cars have 50, the highest bicycle loss of several hundred thousand.
The Beijing Branch of Pacific Property Insurance received 88 calls for car insurance wading, and rescued 51 flooded vehicles. People's Insurance North Branch received 208 reports of water wading, mainly in Fangshan and Daxing.
The relevant person in charge of Ping An Property & Casualty Beijing Branch said that if the owner of the vehicle is turned off in the water, it must not be started immediately. Instead, measures should be taken as soon as possible to move the car to a safe zone with less water. After the water is retired, the vehicle will be dried naturally. Drag the car to the repair shop for inspection and treatment by professional vehicle maintenance personnel. In addition, if the insurance involved in water insurance, the engine damage caused by the second fire can also be compensated, but the insured needs to bear 20% of the exemption, and can be exempted from the insurance without insurance.
It is reported that the engine damage and loss caused by wading may account for 20%-30% of the total car price. The Beijing Insurance Regulatory Bureau recommends that the owner buy water insurance. Water-related insurance generally has an absolute deductible rate of 20%. If you want to get a full payment after the insurance, you need to purchase “without compensation insurance” when purchasing the water-related insurance. Take the vehicle with a new car purchase price of 200,000 yuan as an example. According to the 10% discount for the new commercial vehicle, the water insurance premium is 140 yuan, excluding the non-indemnity insurance premium of 21 yuan, a total of 161 yuan; if the average discount rate of the old car is 7 For the calculation, the wading insurance premium is about 109 yuan, and the premium without insurance premium is 16 yuan.

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