Dongfeng Motor intends to develop light truck cabs and parts for Nissan F91G

Dongfeng Automobile issued an announcement on the evening of November 22, regarding the F91G project, the company plans to accept the commission of Nissan Motors Co., Ltd. to develop a light truck cab based on its body data, which will be developed by the company for subsidiary companies of Nissan Auto Co., Ltd. Light truck cab components for Nissan F91G trucks and Renault brand trucks. At the same time, the company's next-generation light trucks share this body.

Nissan Motors Co., Ltd. will pay the company a development fee of 63.305 million yuan (the same below); its subsidiary, Nissan Motor Iberica S.A, will purchase special parts for the company, amounting to 47 million yuan; subordinate company, Guangzhou Nissan Trading Co., Ltd. The company purchases trial parts from the F91G truck cab to the company, and the transaction amount is estimated to be 30 million yuan. Its subsidiary company, Nissan International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., purchases parts of the F91G truck cab from the company and supplies it for 5 years after production. The amount is expected to be 919 million yuan.

The amount of the project that the company needs to bear is 162 million yuan, including part of the project development fee, the cost of common molds, and the production preparation fee. Nissan Motors Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries are related parties of the company and this transaction constitutes a related party transaction.

In addition, Zhengzhou Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., a controlling subsidiary of the company, sold its Zhengzhou plant to Guangzhou Fengshen Automobile Co., Ltd. at an estimated value of 109,956,600 yuan, and completed the delivery of assets by the end of December 2013. Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd., the controlling shareholder of the company, holds a 60% stake in Guangzhou Fengshen, and the transaction constitutes a connected transaction.

Dongfeng Automobile stated that Zhengzhou Nissan's Zhengzhou plant will mainly produce Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. after its production. The factory sales will have no impact on the company's production, and it will also improve the company's cash flow, which will have a positive impact on the company's non-recurring gains and losses this year.

The car Lighting System is one of the necessary system of the automobile safe driving. Lighting system is mainly composed of lamps, power supply and control circuit (including control switch) three parts. Lamps mainly include "external lighting, internal lighting, external signal lamps, internal lights and other auto parts."

Lighting auto parts according to functional function division, there are two main categories: "Car lights and car signal lights."
Car lighting according to the location and function of its installation include: "Headlight auto parts, fog lamp, license plate lamp, instrument lamp, ceiling lamp, work lights."
The automobile light signal also includes: "Turn signal light, danger alarm lamp, wide lamp, tail light, brake lamp, reversing lamp".

The function of the lighting system is to provide illumination to motorists, passengers and traffic managers at night or with low visibility, and to alert and warn other vehicles and pedestrians.

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Lighting System

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