Failure to regularly maintain high altitude truck engine is easy to get "heart disease"

Everyone has a heart. If the heart stops beating, life will disappear. High-altitude vehicles are no exception. The engine is the heart of the aerial vehicle, especially at the turn of spring and summer, due to high humidity and temperature. When the height is low, it is easy to cause damage to the engine of the high-altitude vehicle. Therefore, the good or bad maintenance has a direct impact on the performance of the high-altitude vehicle and its service life. If the aerial working vehicle owner does not pay attention to maintenance, it will induce the high-altitude vehicle "Heart disease".

Usually, people always like to invest a lot of money in the conversion of aerial vehicles, but it is easy to overlook the maintenance of engines on schedule. According to experienced auto repair masters, in the cars they handle, the vehicles are caused by poor engine maintenance. Faults account for 50% of the total faults. It can be seen that engine maintenance can play a vital role in extending the service life of the vehicle. Of course, it will also reduce unnecessary losses, and there will be some arguments for “maintaining generation maintenance”. The high-altitude vehicle manufacturer reminds that it is not only necessary to carry out maintenance of the engine during the regular maintenance period, but also to do some inspection and maintenance of the engine's relevant components when driving through some areas that are particularly wet or dusty.

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