Inverter technology enters the trend of the machine tool industry

The machine tool processing scale is wide, the machine tool implementation components have different activity speeds, and the higher requirements for the inverter function are also put forward. Domestic inverter manufacturers should seize the opportunity to cultivate the machine tool market.

At present, most of the inverters used in CNC machine tools in China are Japanese brands. For example, Mitsubishi inverters are used in machine tools because of their proximity to the servos. Delta has a lot of cost due to its utility. Cost-effective, the market share has gradually increased in recent years.

In the lathe industry, inverters are the most widely used. However, brands such as Yaskawa, Fuji, Mitsubishi and Taiwan Delta have a large market share. Although there are some domestic brands of inverters selected by machine tool manufacturers, but in the field of high demand for the inverter industry such as grinding machines, forging machine tools, etc., as usual, foreign brands, such as Mitsubishi, Fuji, Siemens, Delta, etc. Brands are always in an advantage.

According to the sales data of machine tools in 2008 and 2009, the general-purpose machine tools, especially the complicated lathes, are in serious condition, while the composite machine tools and large-scale heavy-duty products are better. These machine tools have a wide processing scale, and the machine tool implementation components have different activity speeds. They also put forward higher requirements for the function of the inverter. Domestic inverter manufacturers should seize the opportunity to cultivate the machine tool market.

The development of inverter technology has led to the continuous development of its use in the machine tool industry.

The opening trend of the inverter for machine tools is as follows:

One is high performance. At present, all the inverters are pleading for the vector control method, and a few different levels of control structures and algorithms appear. It is worth noting that speed sensorless vector manipulation is opening faster in recent years, because SVC can sue low-interest, high-function disposal plans, and has become the dream specification and opening direction in general-purpose inverters.

Second, easy handling from time to time. The user's demand for the inverter is gradually transformed into a field device, and additional settings are added to the software in order to end the user operation and then simplify the debugging process.

The third is the modularization of functions and the gradual increase in the demand for intelligence.


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