Leaf area analyzer parameter analysis

Leaf area analyzer parameter analysis
The leaf area meter is an instrument for measuring the size of a plant leaf, and occupies a very important position in plant physiological instruments. The size of the leaf area of ​​the plant is related to the photosynthesis efficiency of the plant, which in turn affects the growth state of the plant and the final harvest of the plant. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the leaf area of ​​a plant. The leaf area meter is used to determine the leaf area of ​​a plant. It is also called a portable leaf area meter. The portable leaf area meter manufactured by Top Instruments can be used to determine the blade area for any rule, shape, color, thickness, and moisture content. The greatest advantage of the portable leaf area meter over the same leaf area meter is its portability, which can be easily brought to the field, unlike other large instruments, and is not convenient to carry.
Here we specifically analyze the leaf parameters measured by the leaf area meter: The live leaf area meter can analyze and calculate the leaf area in large quantities automatically, and can verify the correctness of the blade edge marker. Multiple blades can be analyzed at the same time, and blades as small as 1 mm square can be analyzed. Leaf area (accumulated area), leaf area (accumulated area), leaf perforation area (accumulated area), leaf length and width, petiole length, leaf circumference (not affected by leaf hole), leaf circumference, leaf length Width ratio, blade shape factor, custom length and angle measurement, blade tooth height, width, number measurement, leaf hole area measurement; envelope (straight length between teeth and teeth), projection area formed by the envelope; Regular leaf morphology analysis, real-color lesions, damage area analysis (including more than two-thirds of the leaves were severely damaged insect damage leaf area analysis), leaf color bin analysis (including automatic coloring according to the leaf color query, with Appearance Evaluation in Nitrogen Fertilizer State). When the plant leaf area analyzer analyzes multiple leaves at the same time, parameters such as total leaf area and perimeter can be obtained, and parameters such as perimeter and area of ​​each leaf can also be obtained.
It can be seen that the leaf area meter not only can determine the leaf area of ​​the plant, but also can determine the parameters such as perimeter, length and width of the leaf. Therefore, the leaf area meter is a multi-parameter instrument. The specific parameters of the YMJ-C leaf area meter are as follows: The single-blade measurement has a surface area of: 63800 mm2; blade length: 0-290 mm; maximum width: 0-220 mm; resolution: 0.1 mm; measurement accuracy: 2%; Measurement time: 1 second/time; host data storage capacity: 2000 groups.

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