Foton and China Polar Research Collaborate to Provide 2 Safety Cars

The national government has given strong support to the polar expedition in Antarctica. At the same time, many domestic auto makers are also very concerned about the Antarctic expedition. Beiqi Foton is the official partner of the Chinese polar expedition and provides related vehicle support for the latter. The reporter recently learned from Beiqi Futian officials that in the recent Antarctic expedition in China, Foton Motors has assigned two guarantee models for the Chinese Antarctic expedition. Beiqi Foton has also become the first autonomous vehicle manufacturer in China to provide commercial vehicles through the Antarctic expedition.

It is reported that Beiqi Futian dispatched the 30th Antarctic polar expedition in China on October 30, 2013, and arrived at the Great Wall Station in Antarctica on January 28 for nearly three months. It also donated two types of top-up pickup trucks and Auman heavy-duty trucks to local staff. At the same time, the two vehicles also took on the task of unloading 1,000 tons of materials from the ice-breaking ship "Snow Dragon".

The two models donated this time due to the different types of roads. Therefore, Roadwalker is mainly responsible for the transport security work at four stations in China's South Pole (Great Wall Station, Zhongshan Station, Kunlun Station, and Taishan Station). The Auman GTL heavy truck is a heavy-duty transportation vehicle for the Great Wall Station. Under the extreme conditions of low temperature and high pressure in Antarctica, it has not undergone any modification and has successfully met the transportation guarantee work in the Antarctic expedition.

Beiqi Foton public relations official told reporters: In addition to providing security cars, Foton Motor also selected “polar mechanics” for the Chinese Antarctic research mission. Not only include Foton vehicles, but also routine inspections of other vehicles at the Antarctic examination station. Zhao Jingguang, deputy secretary of the Futian Automobile Party Committee, said: “Fukuda’s support for the Antarctic Expedition is due to the inspiration of the spirit of scientific exploration. On the other hand, we hope to provide attention to China’s Antarctic scientific expedition by providing vehicles, personnel, and sponsoring people. ”

Foton Motors provided materials and vehicles for the domestic polar expeditions, and at the same time, it also demonstrated the support of domestic commercial vehicle companies for the country's business. In addition, Futian Auman Heavy Truck will also help Changcheng Station to build a permanent building, and will periodically send a mechanic to assist in the inspection of Antarctic test vehicles.

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