The three "tricks" of the automotive industry modification

In simple terms, car conversion can be divided into appearance modification, interior modification, power modification, manipulation modification and audio modification. The result of a car modification represents the owner's taste and his views on driving. When human life entered the e era, the car modification also added a new content: intelligence. However, among the many modifications, the most exciting thing is the mechanical modification, which perfectly combines the imagination of the owner and the infinite potential of the car to be developed. The main mechanical structure of the car can be roughly divided into: body, interior equipment, engine power, gearbox transmission, suspension, brake and electronic control system. If any of these changes are made, the impact and changes in the car itself will be felt immediately.

Appearance modification

Modification of the appearance of the body has always occupied a very important position, the general appearance of the modification mainly includes stickers, body paint, logo, front and rear bar, large enclosure, high tail, open hole hood, window side sun and rain shield, HID Xenon headlights, front Headlight trim panels, front and rear mirrors, lower bodywork, etc.

The quickest and easiest way to change the appearance of a car body is to install an aerodynamic kit. The so-called aerodynamic kit is commonly known as the big bag, basically including the air grille, side spoiler (side skirt), rear enclosure and rear spoiler flow (tail), and sometimes we will also see the original insurance The bar will be fitted with a lower spoiler, which is generally referred to as the chin: if there is no replacement of the front and rear insurance rods, just install the chin, others call it a packet. With the addition of aerodynamic kits, besides making vehicles more visible and sportier, the most important thing is to have good performance improvement. Installing an aerodynamic kit does not make the vehicle run faster. Strictly speaking, a good kit will usually reduce the speed of the car and make the car more stable.

Power conversion

Just like a human heart, the engine is the heart of the car. This is the most important part of the car. And it is also the most troublesome to refit, and its most important modification is to increase its output power. Modifications include: increasing the bore diameter, increasing the compression ratio, adding more valves, naturally aspirating to turbo, etc., but One thing to note is that refitting the engine is quite dangerous. A careless engine can be damaged and even cause serious safety accidents.

Intake system

The engine's work requires a lot of air, and the air entering the engine first passes through the air filter. This is the most important part of the air intake system. At present, most of the original plants are equipped with disposable paper filters. The modified products are made of special chemical fibers. The biggest advantage is that the air flow rate and flow rate into the combustion chamber are increased by more than 30% while filtering the air, so that the fuel burns more fully and the unit efficiency is higher. The engine The performance is naturally good.

Ignition system

Ignition system is another element of engine work. It consists of a spark plug and an ignition wire. The original configuration is a single set of wire harnesses, and the voltage and current passability and throughput are not satisfactory.

The high-voltage electric energy generated by the modified wire harnesses and the high-performance conductive characteristic ignition coils are transmitted to the spark plugs in large quantities and in a timely manner. The spark plug is the end group of the ignition system. Mars generated by the electrode ignites the mixed oil and gas to complete the combustion and push the piston to work. The original configuration, like FireWire, is the lowest configuration to reduce costs. If the owner replaces the spark line and the spark plug, it will make the car throttle harder, quicker and faster.

Exhaust system

The efficiency of exhaust gas is directly related to the merits of engine performance. As the intake air increases and the combustion is completed, the exhaust efficiency needs to be strengthened. High-performance exhaust pipes and silencers become the goals of the owners who are pursuing power.

Controlled modified brake

In fact, the structural design of the brake system is relatively simple, but the workload of modification is larger. The quickest and most direct way to increase its braking performance is to replace high performance brake pads. In addition, if you want to upgrade the brake system, you can also change high-grade brake oil; or replace the metal high-pressure brake tubing; and in addition, use a larger brake booster to increase the auxiliary power of the brake pedal.

Chassis suspension

The most important factor related to vehicle handling is the chassis suspension system of the vehicle. The original design is generally targeted at the general public. The modification of the chassis suspension system can be divided into shock absorber replacement, suspension structural rod reinforcement, and body rigidity enhancement. The most influential and most people-modified items are shock absorbers. The types of shock absorbers on the market are: original factory-enhanced, original factory-enhanced body height-adjustable, professional high-sports-type, and race-specific. Owners should choose shock absorbers according to their driving habits and needs.


Tires are also very important, because of strong motivation and sensitive brakes, and ultimately they must rely on the tires to achieve, and more professional professional racing vehicles, the venue of the game, the dry and rainy days should be used differently The tires and cross-country games are even more demanding on the tires.

ECU system

When the car is shipped from the factory, it is considered that the car must be sold all over the world to adapt to various environments and oil quality. Therefore, the original ECU program is the best compromise that meets many conditions, that is, at least 30%-40. % of energy is stored (especially safety-recognized European cars). Especially in the ECU upgrade for trubo cars can achieve unexpected power boost effect.

Mainland China is basically divided into two methods for automotive ECU tuning: plug-in. Implantable. The plug-in type is mainly for Japanese and South Korean cars. There are well-known HKS. Implantable German Digi-Tec. The latter is also the only registered ECU upgrade software in mainland China. With China's arrival as the world's largest auto market, car modification has also become a favorite topic for car owners. Faced with this colorful and refitting world, what are you waiting for?

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