Where do Chinese cutting machine companies go? 1

The ability of independent innovation is the core competitiveness of a country, and it is also the key to the survival and development of a company. There are still many problems in China's cutting machine industry. For example, industrial added value and labor productivity are still relatively low, high-level production capacity is still insufficient, and low-level production capacity is excessive, mainly because of weak technological innovation capabilities, product technology content and product additions. The value is low. Therefore, if you want to fundamentally change the problem, you should brainstorm, and everyone will work together to share more information in order to achieve greater progress. Details:/
While the growth rate of products with high added value will continue to increase production, profits will increase substantially, and future industry competition will inevitably shift towards the high-end market. Therefore, more and more companies have begun to realize that China's laser cutting machine industry should adhere to the development and manufacturing of high-end products while sticking to the low-end fields.
In recent years, China's laser cutting machine industry has continuously developed and achieved remarkable results. There have been earth-shaking changes. However, behind the development, we can still see that there are various crises in the industry. Nowadays, people’s living standards are increasing day by day, and higher quality requirements are put forward for various product quality. As a result, laser cutting machines have also received more and more attention, which has brought greater opportunities and challenges to laser cutting machines while pushing the processing and manufacturing industry to unprecedented development.
If Chinese cutting machine companies want to stand in the forest of world enterprises, they must persist in innovation, take the road of opening up, and create international brands.
To track the successful development of international laser companies, rely on the industrial park platform to form a professional and virtuous circle of industrial systems in the field of laser cutting machines, optimize the allocation of resources, strengthen cooperation with top laser companies and units abroad, and actively introduce foreign companies. Advanced technology, to create their own independent innovation platform.
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Industry:molds, hardware, medical equipment, crafts.

Usage:mold, soft metal small product batch processing, text pattern, jade carving, rotary processing

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