Cutting principle of flame cutting machine

The experience accumulated over a long period of time is a valuable resource. Only when we share it together will the society become more prosperous. The same is true for the cutting machine industry. The predecessors planted trees to cool down and there was no sharing among major companies. I believe that the industry of our cutting machines has not improved so far. Kunshan Lieneng Special Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a powerful company that independently produces automation equipment. The company has excellent teams and perfect services. Then let our company explain the cutting principle of the flame cutting machine for everyone. Details:/
Flame cutting, also called gas cutting, is a process of burning with an oxygen/gas flame. In the first step, the temperature of the steel plate must rise to the ignition point. Then, the oxygen flow oxidizes the metal in the elongated area, and the slag produced during combustion is blown away by the cutting oxygen stream to form a kerf. Oxygen gas cutting can be used for carbon steel and low alloy steel, thickness can reach several decimeters. The cutting quality depends on the surface condition of the material, cutting speed and material thickness.
Material thickness: 3mm to 2800mm
Typical thickness: 10mm to 200mm
The typical thickness is the thickness of the cutting machine that can be achieved by ordinary flame cutting machines. However, flame cutting is one of the cutting methods with the largest cutting thickness in many cutting modes. Generally, if the cutting thickness is higher than the typical thickness, the gas path of the cutting machine, The number of torches, oxygen, and gas must all be changed. If the power does not meet the requirements, the steel cannot be cut through.
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to sum up:
- Medium cutting quality - Smooth cutting surface, vertical - Good oxidation surface in terms of metallurgy - Carbonization and hardening in heat affected zone - High heat input - Limited material range - Low cutting speed [China Cutter Trading Network is now for companies Better deal with cutting machines, special free advertising space, please log on to the official website to learn the latest information: /]
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