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Komaes Solar Kits provide high efficiency, safety, and reliability. They feature our Solar Panel, which is not only sleek in size, weight, and color but is made of the highest efficiency solar cells. The included Charge Controllers features multi-phase synchronous rectification and Maximum Power Point Tracking Technology, which increases charging efficiency and performance. For your convenience, fusing components are also included in this kit to protect your controller and battery.   

Komaes Solar is a specialized manufacturer of Solar Panels since 2004, our Solar Modules are certified by TUV IEC (Germany), MCS (UK), CEC (Australia), CE (SGS), SCONAP (Nigeria), INMETRO (Brazil), etc.  The range is from 5W to 350W, both Polycrystalline and Monocrystalline Solar Panels, include build-in junction boxes, tempered glass, and solid aluminum frames. At present, we are exporting solar modules to Europe, Australia, USA, and some other districts.  

KOMAES solar panels are durable, high-efficiency. The solar panels are available for RVs, boats, Camping, and Remote off-grid power systems, our customers often use for remote transmitters, battery charging, electric gate openers, RVs, marine, etc.    

Solar Kits

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