LED lighting companies will become an important criterion for future brand considerations

Put together to concentrate on operations, hold dealer meetings in succession, and frequently carry out profit promotion. In the first half of 2014, the LED lighting market in East China was particularly lively. In the face of increasingly fierce market competition, lighting manufacturers have been unable to hold back, staking and occupying the market, each with its own unique tricks.
Shanghai's LED market share continues to expand as China's largest city. Shanghai is characterized by faster acceptance of new things, as well as for the lighting market. Therefore, whether LED lighting companies can establish themselves on the beach will become an important criterion for considering a brand in the future.
After nearly two years of development, LED products have sold more than traditional lighting products in the retail market. As consumers' awareness of LED lighting products continues to increase, sales of most storefront LED products are on the rise. The biggest change in the Shanghai lighting market is that consumers were more ignorant of LEDs, and their prices were too high. Now more than 95 customer groups understand LEDs and specify LED products.
In the first half of this year, in addition to the new generation of LED companies such as Mulinsen, Yiguang, Shifu, Teyoushi and other brands are still working hard, the traditional lighting companies such as Op, Sanxiong. Aurora, the United States, etc., have also optimized the channel.
It is reported that Oupu held a full-service LED product release and dealer order meeting in April, and launched a green storm activity to replace traditional products on commercial streets and street-side stores on various streets; the US market to Shanghai this year. The investment has been greater than in previous years. In the most golden position of Shanghai Lighting City, the company has built a beautiful lighting image store and repositioned the Shanghai market. At the same time, the United States and the Shanghai hardware channel strength of the major Lumeijia company, together to strengthen the market penetration of the hardware channel. It is understood that Lumeijia has more than 3,000 outlets in the Shanghai market.
In April, the new generation brand Mu Linsen held the first dealer ordering conference in Shanghai, and the business placed an order of 10.6 million yuan. This sales for the new generation of enterprises, there is not yet a company in the Shanghai market. At present, the most concerned companies in the Shanghai market are Mulinsen and Yiguang LED Lighting: First, the price makes many businesses tempted; second, marketing strategies and corporate strength are recognized by the merchants.
At present, the entire Shanghai lighting market presents the following three trends: First, the sales of LED products have exceeded the traditional lighting sales, and are growing; Second, the terminal LED lighting exhibition hall is more and more, the professional image is more prominent; Third, LED products occupy the storefront More than 90% share.
The market is ever-changing. There are also many professional lighting market in Shanghai. In the increasingly fierce market competition, only in the perspective of enterprises and consumers, standing in the perspective of the new economy (310358, fund bar), can the economy Steady progress in the transition and steady development.
Shanghai Lighting City is based in Shanghai and provides high-quality and fashionable lighting brand lamps for the domestic and international lighting industry. It provides R&D design, creative design, exhibition display, logistics information, forum exchange, talent training and business for enterprises. A comprehensive industrial platform for multi-functional services such as leisure.
In addition, Shanghai Lighting City has built an online platform to achieve a new upgrade through the real economy and virtual economy. In the E era, where the Internet and online shopping are increasingly strengthened, it provides an online lighting trading platform for merchants, and simultaneously with several local vertical building materials. The platform has reached long-term strategic cooperation, introduced high-quality customers, and achieved dual developments both online and offline, driving the lighting industry to a new level in the Internet channel.
Zhejiang manufacturers face multiple market tests Throughout the Zhejiang Zhejiang lighting market, the market competition has become increasingly fierce. With the continuous maturity of LED lighting and the increasing impact of e-commerce, the pressure on the sales of lighting terminals is increasing day by day. The competition between manufacturers and manufacturers, merchants and merchants is becoming increasingly hot. Manufacturers have held dealer meetings, including international brands such as Panasonic, Simon, etc.; domestic well-known brands such as Op, Midea, Sunshine, Hongyan, Shifu, etc.; new LED brands such as billion light, Mulinsen, Guoxing Optoelectronics (002449, shares it) Wait. Merchants are not willing to show weakness, have joined the group to participate in the local building materials industry joint promotion activities.
According to observations, the three giants of the traditional era: Op, NVC and Sanxiong. Aurora has performed well in the county-level market. Whether it is a brand or a business, it is a three-legged situation, and emerging LED brands such as Yiguang and Mulinsen are also a force to be reckoned with. The emerging LED lighting brand is characterized by high cost performance, good service and fast response. Popular with local consumers.
Nowadays, with the rapid development of e-commerce and the change of consumption patterns and concepts, a large number of consumers are accustomed to online shopping, and e-commerce has brought huge impacts on physical store operations, which not only affects the lighting market in first- and second-tier cities. And it also brought impact to the third and fourth-tier markets.
In recent years, due to the saturation of the lighting market, coupled with the rapid development of the Internet, the rise of e-commerce has made local merchants have no price advantage in products. Affected by this, local building materials, home and other businesses are used to forming alliances to carry out promotional activities, but frequent activities to promote activities, will reduce profit margins. Therefore, in the face of severe market competition, businesses urgently need to introduce new business ideas, models, talents, training and other resources to carry out transformation and upgrading and enhance themselves.
Affected by the local economy, most cities do not have professional building materials stores. During the decoration process, home improvement materials need to be purchased from various stores. Many consumers want to be able to make renovation shopping needs in one place at a time. Therefore, some businesses integrate resources to integrate lighting, wallpaper, hardware, bathroom and other building materials resources. [1]

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