2012 instrument development mainstream

Science and technology are primary productive forces! However, due to the limited scientific and technological capabilities, China’s high-end scientific research equipment is 100% dependent on imports. In 2010, the import and export deficit reached new highs. These indicate that China’s high-end instrumentation products mainly rely on imports. China's demand for instrumentation is relatively large. Then the technical level of domestic instrumentation companies is still different from that of foreign countries. Therefore, some opportunities are lost. It is crucial to seize opportunities, seize the market, and improve the technological level. Into the mainstream of development, Jiangsu Hengtai Instrument Co., Ltd. follows the mainstream of the market, mainly to study high-tech products.

In the past two decades, microelectronics, computer technology, precision machinery technology, high sealing technology, special processing technology, integrated technology, thin film technology, network technology, nanotechnology, laser technology, superconductivity technology, and biotechnology have been acquired Rapid development. This background and situation have constantly put forward higher, newer and more requirements for instrumentation, such as faster speed, higher sensitivity, better stability, less sample volume, slight loss of detection and even losslessness, remote sensing Remote control distance, use more convenient, cheaper, no pollution, etc., but also for the development of instrumentation technology industry has provided a strong impetus, and has become a further development of instrumentation, material, knowledge and technology base.

In particular, we must point out that in the past ten years, due to the research results of precision machinery including nanotechnology, achievements in modern chemistry at the molecular level, biological research results at the gene level, new sensor technologies and intelligent technology research results, and high precision A large number of contemporary scientific and technological achievements, including the research achievements of ultra-performance special functional materials and global network technology promotion and application results, have come into being, resulting in a fundamental change in the field of instrumentation. These new achievements have not only become the soil, foundation, support and driving force for modern instruments and their industries to survive and develop, but they are also rapidly changing the working principles and essential characteristics of instruments and instruments, and they have possessed and possessed traditional instruments. Instrumentation simply cannot achieve and realize the numerous, new, super-high functions. It can be said that modern instrumentation products have become the most typical high-tech products. At present, it not only has completely broken through the traditional framework of light, machine, electricity, toward the computerized, networked, intelligent, liquid level transmitter, input level transmitter, static pressure level transmitter, The direction of multi-functionalization is rapidly developing, and due to the large number of high-tech science and technology research results, cross-disciplinary integrated design, high-precision manufacturing technology, and strict scientific practical applications, it is also making it faster and more sensitive. More reliable and easier access to the information being analysed, detected, and controlled by the object.

With the advent of fieldbus, the process of process measurement and control instrumentation has undergone a major turning point and rare opportunities. At present, fieldbus has become a hot spot in global automation technology. Fieldbus is an all-digital, two-way, multi-station communication system used between on-site intelligent meters and control rooms. Its production is not only a result of the actual needs of the vast number of users and technological competition between manufacturers, but also a product of the combination of computer technology, communication technology and control technology in the field of industrial control. The emergence of fieldbus for the upgrading of instrumentation, product upgrades and to achieve further high-precision, high-performance? Especially multi-parameter online real-time monitoring and automatic monitoring and control? High stability, high reliability, high adaptability, multi-functionality, and low consumption provide tremendous power and room for development.

It can be seen from the above analysis that high-tech is not only the main feature of modern instrumentation, but also the only way to revitalize the instrumentation industry, and it is also the mainstream of instrumentation and its industry development in the new century.

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