Domestic high-end bearings rely on imports, development is imperative

Most of the high-end bearing companies in China are lagging behind in R&D strength and production technology. Only a small number of R&D companies with strong R&D strength and leading production technologies have the strength to produce high-tech bearings, and there is a serious shortage of supply due to insufficient production capacity. The problems are caused by the structural imbalance in supply and demand of high-end bearings.

At present, only a few companies, such as Axis Research, can mass-produce this grade of products, and there will be huge market substitution in the future. China's CNC machine tool spindle application rate is less than 10%, far lower than the level of developed countries. Now domestic manufacturers that can mass produce CNC machine tool spindles are only a few companies, such as Axis Technologies. Most of them need to be imported. The "planning" will help speed up the import substitution process of high-end bearings. According to the plan, the bearing industry will reach 222 billion yuan in sales in 2015 and CAGR=13.2% in the next five years.

According to the understanding of Xiao Bian, the precision of rolling bearings is generally divided into five grades: P0, P6, P5, P4, and P2. The precision of the bearings used on precision machine tool spindles should be P5 or higher, and for CNC machine tools, machining centers, etc. High-precision machine tool spindle support, you need to use P4 and above super-precision bearings. P4 and above super-precision bearings require high technical performance and reliability, and more than half of domestic demand depends on imports.

In light of these phenomena, Xiaobian's analysis of high-end bearings will be the focus of development. It is expected that bearing companies with advanced domestic technology and high-end products will enjoy the results of import substitution of high-end bearings.

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