China National Heavy Duty Truck and Jilin Oilfield System Develop Oil-to-Gas Cooperation Project

Recently, the leaders of the Equipment Department of Jilin Oilfield and Daqing Oilfield accompanied by the Special Vehicle Department of China National Heavy Duty Truck Sales Department and the Changchun Branch Company made a special trip to China National Heavy Duty Truck Technical Center to carry out natural gas product technology docking and reached an agreement on new product announcements and other issues. Consensus.

As the main force of “gasification Jilin”, Jilin Oilfield and Daqing Oilfield will invest 400 million yuan of special funds for the heavy-duty natural gas transformation of the oil field system. The heavy trucks purchased by the oil field system will also be natural gas vehicles. As the most mature natural gas heavy truck manufacturing enterprise, China National Heavy Duty Truck Corporation has become the first choice for the cooperation of "oil to gas" in the oil field system.

Silicone Related Machines

Here are all the machines for making the silicone phone case

the vacuum machine is for reduce the the bubble from liquid silicone,

the Dispensing Machine is for filling the logo of the mold with liquid silicone,

the baking machine is for drying and baking the liquid silicone material,

the gum machine is for mixing the solid silicone and color,

the cutting machine is for cutting the solid silicone into a piece, can avoid to wast the material,

the Hydraulic Machine is for heating press the mold with the silicone, and finish the silicone phone case finally.

Silicone Phone Case/phone Cover Machine

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