·The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has set the tone for "hybrid cars first".

According to a message forwarded by the official website of the China Automobile Industry Association this week, Yao Wei, director of the Development Planning Department of the Planning Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that the newly-recognized new energy vehicle plan is expected to be released in the first half of this year after revision. "The route of new energy vehicle development has been generally accepted that it is necessary to take the hybrid power first, then the pure electric power, and finally the transition to the fuel cell."

The gradual and gradual route of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will set the stage for the new energy vehicles to be settled and clear the obstacles to the introduction of new energy vehicles.

Starting from the hybrid to become the consensus of all parties

In the above information, Zhao Ying, director of the Industrial Development Office of the Institute of Industrial Economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that the new energy vehicle plan was returned by the State Council office meeting before the Spring Festival this year. The main controversy lies in the view of energy-saving cars. The current conclusion is that energy-saving cars and new energy vehicles will develop in parallel, moderately develop alternative energy vehicles, and not give up the energy-saving technological progress of traditional vehicles.

At present, the subsidy policy for energy-saving and new-energy vehicles will classify ordinary hybrid vehicles as energy-efficient vehicles, and put plug-in hybrid vehicles and pure electric vehicles into new energy vehicles.

There are indications that after full discussion, the dispute over the route of new energy vehicles has reached a unified opinion. The Ministry of Science and Technology recently released the "12th Five-Year Special Plan for Electric Vehicle Technology Development (Abstract)". It is pointed out that from a technical perspective, hybrid vehicle technology has gradually matured and has entered the competition period of product market, taking the lead in industrialization. To become a new growth point in the automotive market, it should be popularized by 2020, and pure electric power will not be dominant until 2020.

Promoting energy-saving and hybrid vehicles as soon as possible, and then gradually transitioning to other new energy vehicles such as pure electric power, is also the route that the “T10” New Energy Automobile Alliance has always advocated. This alliance, consisting of 10 state-owned car companies in China, held a technical exchange meeting at the end of March to study and propose the T10 enterprise electric vehicle battery and motor cooperation mode and cooperation proposals.

The "Twelfth Five-Year Plan for Industrial Energy Conservation" recently released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology also proposes: vigorously promote energy-saving vehicles, accelerate the cultivation of new energy vehicles, develop alternative fuel vehicles according to local conditions, and promote the diversified development of automobile energy use. Gradually reduce the fuel consumption rate of China's automobiles. By 2015, the average fuel consumption of new energy-saving passenger cars will reach 5.9 liters/100 kilometers.

To achieve this strict fuel consumption standard, it is imperative to popularize hybrid vehicles.

"In the near future, China will surely become the world's largest hybrid vehicle market." Honda's China Minister Cang Shicheng told the Nanfang Daily on Tuesday that the most stringent fuel consumption standard for China in 2015, the hybrid is Important energy saving technology. Honda is promoting local production of core components such as batteries and motors in China to reduce the cost of new energy vehicles. Promoting a hybrid car that is good at China has once again become the strategic focus of Toyota and Honda.

However, industry experts pointed out that in terms of policy, plug-in hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles are still the mainstream. On the one hand, if large-scale subsidies for ordinary hybrid vehicles, Toyota, Honda and other foreign-funded enterprises will take a bigger advantage; on the other hand, the general hybrid vehicle technology threshold is not high, domestic car companies will also seek subsidies, hindering electric vehicles. In-depth development of technology.

New energy vehicle sales breakthrough

In the market, new energy vehicles have also achieved sales breakthroughs this year. According to the incomplete statistics of the China Automobile Association, the automobile manufacturers in the first quarter of this year produced 8,626 energy-saving and new-energy vehicles, including 1,655 pure electric vehicles, 1,300 hybrid vehicles, and 5,671 alternative fuel vehicles; and 10,202 new energy vehicles. Among them: 1830 pure electric vehicles, 1499 hybrids, and 6873 alternative fuel vehicles.

This data is a huge improvement over last year. In 2011, it sold 8,159 new energy vehicles, including 5,579 pure electric vehicles and 2,580 hybrid electric vehicles. Because of the increase in alternative fuel vehicles, statistics on new energy vehicle sales in the first quarter of this year have exceeded last year. At present, the promotion of natural gas vehicles is becoming another development direction of new energy vehicles.

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