Wan Ruyi: Future Development of Commercial Vehicles in China

September 6-7, 2012 The third Global Automotive Forum was held in Chengdu. During the forum, the participants will have a fierce confrontation around the new development mechanism, technical circuits, and new marketing models of the global automotive industry, in-depth research into sub-sectors such as auto finance, product positioning, new energy vehicles, and automobile regulatory development, and discuss China's automobiles in detail. The development of the market and the Chinese auto companies, and the “localization” issues that the global auto industry is generally concerned about. The following is a live statement of Mr. Wan Ruyi, President of Navistar (China).

Luqiu Luwei: Mr. Wan has prepared a PPT for us. Mr. Wan and our Chinese automobile have a long history. Today, he will look from the perspective of a third party to see where the future development of commercial vehicles in China can be considered.

All the best: Thank you. Dear leaders, I'm really glad to have the opportunity to return to Chengdu to introduce to you the situation of our company in China and our global strategy. So I have to take a few minutes. Anyway, what I have to say and the points about the market, I have already said, so don’t repeat it. I’ll introduce the company and I’ll mention some of our cooperation with JAC. Strategic content.
Our company is actually quite a long history. It was established in 1837. The American agricultural revolution and the industrial revolution are closely related. The company is currently divided into four major parts: the truck business, the engine business, spare parts and after sales. Services, financial services. In fact, the company has nearly 100 years of history in commercial vehicles. Our products in the 40's and 50's also had specific impact on the development of the domestic automobile industry. This is not the liberation of 53 years. This is actually the 40th century. World War II military commercial vehicles, you may now know this picture (PPT), this is our company's original technology, when the Second World War was transferred to the Soviet Union, and later the Soviet Union transferred to China FAW. The company’s business is also a pioneer in the transportation industry. It has been a vanguard and not a “martyr” for so long. Especially in North America, Mexico and Canada, we are a relatively large proportion of small cars, construction vehicles, medium-size and heavy-duty vehicles, and We have exchanges with experts from domestic governments. We hope that China can understand more about the geography of the United States and that China is relatively similar. This also affects the change of design of our products within the last 20 years. In the early 1980s, we had North America. General commercial vehicles are "flat", and now 97% of them are "long nose". They are all streamlined. It is because this streamlined vehicle has more than 10% of fuel-efficient fuel. The fuel consumption is even greater. Like the domestic high-speed rails, your high-speed rails do not have the shape of "bread," are they? We believe that there should be demand for other domestic and foreign markets. We are also pioneers in the transportation of school buses in the education system. We account for 48% of the market in the US market, which is close to 50%. There are some more important school buses that are recommended to everyone. A school bus equals 36 private cars in the United States and transfers 26 million children abroad. It has a great impact in the country. A school bus can take more than 50 students. So during the rush hours of work and commuting, traffic on the road is very influential. The school bus solution, which transports 26 million students overseas every day, should be four times that of our country in the United States. Consider reducing 17.3 million private cars. This is the case of American roads. How many rides in China can you count? , saving 3.1 billion gallons of cars, a gallon is equal to four liters, so this is also a tool to save energy, this car is yellow, this is a very very safe way to pick up children, more secure than other methods. From the beginning of last year, we have had many exchanges with domestic experts on school bus standards. We also talked with Jianghuai and our partners about the formal implementation of the school bus project. This is very safe in the United States. This gentleman is not the general salesman of our company. He is the president of the United States, but the president is very interested in the technology of our company's new energy, so he came to the headquarters two years ago to help us introduce a utility for the whole electric power system. The buses, we are also mixed, hydraulic, compressed natural gas and so on.

We are pleased to report that we have established the JAC Navistar diesel engine in the last two months. This is the starting point for us to enter the Chinese market. Our first stage product is the relatively small 3.24, 4.8, and 7.2. All of them are in line with JAC customers, which are the requirements of our JAC customer light trucks and heavy truck engines. The capabilities of O4 and O5 have been established. The second step is that after the joint venture of the vehicle is approved, we will use a large-displacement engine, 4 liters, and 13 liters, and in order to meet the requirements of the domestic market that are most concerned with low-cost products, we must first and Jianghuai Update existing products, match our new engines, improve the safety and life of existing products, and more. In the second phase, the United States North American G20 and suspension braking system equipment will be introduced to make a global truck platform. Universal means to meet international market requirements, including a flat-headed cab, including a streamlined cab. The third is the third-generation, internationally competitive product series that we and our partners have jointly developed in joint ventures. We have already established a relatively mature distribution network in South America, Africa, Australia, India and other places. With the ability of after-sales service, we and JAC have started to talk about how to use our existing system to export light trucks and heavy trucks abroad. I think this is a reality for many domestic companies. There is no distribution network and no after-sales service in the international market. Competence, non-distribution representatives, are problematic in their ability to meet market demands, so we are also talking about this aspect, and how to expand the scope of our cooperation.

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