Incorporating titanium metal Castrol Multipolar protects a new generation of lubricant oil

On September 3, 2012, in Shanghai's 1933 old market square, in this space full of cultural stories and artistic atmosphere, the new launch conference of Castrol Multi -Protection was held with the theme of “Strong Oil Challenge the Limit”. As one of Castrol’s most high-end automotive lubricant products, the market protection of a new generation of synthetic lubricants has attracted the attention of many people in the industry. Nearly 100 guests, including Castrol’s top management, media and distributors, came to the scene. Together to celebrate the birth of a new product.

In the darkness, the curtain of the conference officially opened with the roar of the engines that make people feel bloody. On the stage, the power show that demonstrates strength and beauty is silently interpreting Castrol’s new generation of Xeon concept. Castrol Greater China Marketing Director Lu Wei, Castrol Greater China Sales Director Xu Yongfu, Castrol Asia Pacific Passenger Vehicle Oil Market Manager WadeBeach and Han Han, Zhang Hao, and Pan Yongcang jointly launched Crystal Balls Generation unveiled.

In the field of high-end lubricants, Castrol Multipolarity has always been a representative of high-quality, high-performance motor oils. It not only won the trust and trust of millions of consumers worldwide, but also became famous in the world of BMW, Audi, Jaguar, Land Rover and Volkswagen. Car brand respected. The newly-launched Castrol Multi-polarity protects a new generation of products and realizes a breakthrough in science and technology. Through the unique “TiFST” technology, it enhances the strength of the lubricant film and builds the strongest synthetic lubricant ever. The pressure on today's engines is more than twice that of 10 years ago. Ultra-thin oil films also need to carry astonishingly high temperatures and pressures. Castrol Multipolar's high-strength oil film reduces engine metal surface contact by up to 20%, providing perfect protection for the engine in all directions, ensuring its robust performance in a variety of brutal driving environments, and exerting its ultimate performance. Just as Lu Xiao, Director of Greater China for Castrol, said: "Castrol is always relentlessly pursuing innovation and breakthroughs, constantly developing technology-leading high-performance products and striving to bring the best products and services to consumers. Protecting the new generation of releases confirms our commitment to the vast majority of consumers. The titanium fluid-enhancement technology has made the new generation of extreme protection more powerful. We are fully optimistic about the market prospects of this product and believe that it will allow owners to feel the sheer Ultimate driving pleasure."

In order to better convey the strong ideas advocated by the new generation of products, Castrol Multi-Protective also specially invited Han Han, Zhang Hao and Pan Yong Chung (Arctic Shrimp) to shoot the “Toughest Story” series of promotional videos, respectively, with Castrol Multipolar. Titanium superman together to face the camera to show their understanding of "the strongest." At the same time, the “Challenge” online interactive activity initiated by Castrol Multipolar Protection is also in full swing. Netizens who have won the highest points through the event will receive the tickets for the Shanghai Circuit on November 23, together with Han Han. challenge the limit.

Xeon motor oil, challenge the limit. Castrol Multicare gives the car a more powerful "heart" that can perform well anytime, anywhere. Start now, injecting Castrol Multipods into your car engine and start your ultimate driving tour!

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