A series of large-load tests have been successful in the first phase of a coal-fired natural gas demonstration project in China

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China Drying Network News Datang Energy Chemical Co., Ltd. held a large-load test technical summary meeting at the Keqi coal-gas production project in Inner Mongolia, and announced that China's first coal-to-gas natural gas demonstration project, built by China Datang, was a series of large-scale projects. The load test was successful. From August 26 to August 31, natural gas production was continuously stable, reaching 75,000 cubic meters/hour, with a methane content of 97.77% and a maximum production load of 94%, which met the design requirements. This indicates that China's first coal-based natural gas demonstration project has successfully passed the heavy load operation.

The first large-load commissioning of the first stage of the Datangqi coal-based gas project aims to comprehensively test the system design, equipment performance and product output indicators, and at the same time test the organization, coordination and balance capabilities of the production system.

According to Zhang Tonghang, chief engineer of Keqi Coal & Gas Company in Datang, Inner Mongolia, the heavy load test verifies the reliability of the project in many aspects, and provides the next step for the project to formally supply gas and provide the second and third phases of the project. Scientific basis and test data.

In order to ensure that a series of eight gasifiers will be driven in a short time, two gasifiers will be driven at the same time for the first time. Since the gas venting capacity of the two gasifiers is greater than the maximum venting capacity of the single-series hot torch design (24,000 Nm3/h), this drive is staggered by 2 furnaces to increase the pressure during the boosting phase of the gasifier to effectively control the hot torches. The amount of emissions, the hot torch with a significant reduction in the amount of liquid, effectively shortened the driving time of 8 gasifiers. A series of 8 gasifiers produced 29.2 million cubic meters per hour, yielding a 94% yield, and the highest oxygen load of No. 5 furnace reached 200 standard cubic meters per hour, reaching 120% of the design value.

After the heavy load test, the single-series gas water treatment load of the project reached 150%, and the single-series gas water separation treatment capacity has exceeded the designed treatment capacity, providing the basic basis for the future full-load operation of the device.

In this heavy load operation, the low-temperature methanol washing operation condition was significantly improved and the maximum operating load reached 94%. Compared with the low-load operation, the temperature of the low temperature methanol wash system is significantly reduced, and the effect of scrubbing crude gas is significantly enhanced. In the methanol regeneration system, the content of hydrogen sulfide in the carbon dioxide discharge gas is also significantly reduced. In addition, the sulfur recovery unit was synchronously commissioned to drive and produced qualified sulfur products.

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