Zhongshan City will set up a transition period for electric vehicle management

Electric vehicle accidents occur frequently. Last year alone, 11 people died in electric vehicle accidents in Zhongshan City. The country has clearly regulated the management of electric vehicles complying with “non-motor vehicles”. The specific plan of Guangdong Province is also brewing. On July 5, at the media symposium, Li Zhijian, political commissar of the Public Security Traffic Police Detachment in Zhongshan revealed that Zhongshan will consider the management of electric vehicles during the transition period in light of the actual situation and appeal to the public not to purchase excessive electric vehicles so as to avoid hitting the road.

Li Zhijian said that there are about 56-600,000 electric vehicles in Zhongshan. According to the national standard, most of the electric vehicles currently on the road do not belong to “non-motor vehicles,” and the speed, weight, and other indicators exceed the standards. After the Guangdong plan is issued, it will manage the licensing of electric vehicles that meet “non-motorized vehicles”, but there is certainly a transition period.

Do you need to verify if you are driving to an electric vehicle? How long is the transition period? How to deal with excessive electric vehicles? Li Zhijian said that Zhongshan will follow the provincial policy while Zhongshan Public Security, Industry and Commerce, Quality Supervision and other departments are also discussing details. Li Zhijian stated that some of the over-standard electric vehicles will face natural elimination. In addition, the relevant departments are considering whether or not the conditional government can recycle excess electric vehicles through subsidies.

Li Zhijian said that the root cause of excessive electric vehicles should still be placed on the manufacturer.

Li Zhijian also stated that after the electric vehicle has been branded, it has also made demands on the city's slow system. "You must give him the road to protect his rights." Li Zhijian said that this is a systematic project of the city, but most of Zhongshan Road has the conditions for building a slow-moving system. “The road in the old city can be built as long as it is 9 meters wide.”

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