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China drying wire Reuters Despite the large number of production facilities under construction, but compared with foreign advanced level, China's synthetic rubber is still a wide gap in technology, product performance. Repeated construction of low-end product production equipment, product homogeneity has become one of the major issues restricting the development of China's synthetic rubber industry in the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period. This is the information obtained from the 2012 Forum on the Development of Synthetic Rubber and Thermoplastic Elastomers held in Dalian.

According to Qi Runtong, secretary general of the China Synthetic Rubber Industry Association, China plans to build a number of new synthetic rubber projects during the 12th Five-Year Plan period. Overall, however, the extent of technological progress is too small, and even no progress has been made. The new butadiene rubber and styrene-butadiene rubber are basically the reprints of domestic original equipment, there is no new technology, there is no new brand name; but butyl rubber, nitrile rubber, ethylene propylene rubber is not the most advanced in the world. Process technology. These new synthetic rubber production capacities are not competitive in the high-end product market, and the overlap of low-end and mid-range products has brought great pressure on the market.

“The Tire Industry Policy announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will limit the development of inner-tire radial tires, which will increase the consumption of halobutyl rubber. However, projects currently under construction in our country lack the production facilities for halogenated products, chlorinated butyl rubber and Brominated butyl rubber products are still basically blank, but in the field of ordinary butyl rubber, its production capacity is increasing rapidly. Too many low-end products and too few high-end products have become a problem that needs to be solved urgently in the synthetic rubber industry." Zhou Wenrong, deputy secretary general of the Rubber Industry Association, told reporters.

Li Jing, a senior engineer at the China National Petroleum Corporation's Lanzhou Research Center, said that in the field of nitrile rubber, there has been a rapid increase in domestic device construction in recent years. With the release of new production capacity, market competition has become increasingly intense. However, there are fewer brands of nitrile rubber in China, which are basically concentrated in low-end and mid-to-high-end products. Special high-performance products are relatively lacking, and high-performance, specialty nitrile rubber products are almost all dependent on imports.

According to Cui Xiaoming, a senior engineer of the Sinopec Beijing Research Institute of Chemical Industry Yanshan Branch, the current production capacity of China's chloroprene rubber has reached 83,000 tons/year, and the overcapacity trend has been highlighted. However, there are only a few brands of homemade neoprene rubber products, and most of them are middle- and low-grade products, while foreign manufacturers generally have multiple brand names. In particular, in terms of heat-resistance, cold-resistance, copolymeric adhesives, easy processing, and diversified latex varieties, there is still a large gap between China and foreign countries. The vast majority of domestic high-end products rely on imports.

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