The difference between digital truck scale and analog truck scale

Digital Weighbridge Introduction I\Digital Communications - Digital Weighbridges Solve Transmission Signal Weaknesses and Interference Problems
1 The output signal of the analog type sensor is usually tens of millivolts at the maximum. During the transmission of these weak signals from the cable, it is easily interfered with, which results in unstable system operation or reduced measurement accuracy. The output signals of digital sensors are all around 3-4V, and their anti-jamming capability is much larger than that of analog signals. The problem of weak transmission signals and interference is solved. 2 RS485 bus technology is adopted to realize long-distance transmission of signals with a transmission distance of not less than 1000 meters;
3. The bus structure facilitates the application of multiple load cells. Up to 32 load cells can be connected in the same system.

II\Intelligent Technology--Digital Scale to Solve Partial Load Temperature Effect and Solve Time Effect Creep Problem
1 to prevent the use of a simple circuit to change the size of the weighing signal cheating;
2 The digital weighbridge automatically compensates and adjusts for the effects of offset loads and temperature changes. Consistency and interchangeability are good. After multiple sensors are connected in parallel, the linearity, correction and performance compensation can be achieved by software methods. System error can be reduced and the on-site installation, adjustment, calibration and adjustment of the scale body can be simplified. 3 fault automatic diagnosis, error message code prompt function.
4 When the load is applied to a load cell for a long time, its output often has a large change. The digital load cell automatically compensates for creep by software in the internal microprocessor.

Digitized Calibration Technology - Digital Weigh Scales eliminate the need for weighing instruments to reduce the weighbridge failure rate. 1 Make the weigher eccentric load (four corners) calibrated automatically once;
2 According to the need to modify the weighing instrument's range factor and zero value, so that each sensor's coefficient and zero parameters consistent.
3 The digital loadometer can be directly connected to the computer to display the weighing process, reducing the weighing fault. Today's computer hardware is extremely reliable, so the weighing system thus formed is more safe and reliable. The analog weighing platform consists of a steel structure modular weighing platform, a high-precision bridge type resistance strain sensing sensor and a static weighing control display device, a sealed waterproof junction box, etc. The composition of the analog floor scale introduced bridge resistance strain sensor, excellent moisture seal, adapt to any harsh working environment.
Intelligent meter, a variety of display functions, large-capacity storage, standard serial output, with strong expansion capabilities. Intelligent instrument: The display instrument can be selected according to the needs to meet the requirements of different users. The instrument can display the date, time, vehicle number and vehicle number, tare, gross weight, article number, serial number, can store the vehicle number, tare weight 200, with power off protection. 1000 weighing records storage, various statistical reports. Car number classification statistics, product number classification statistics, daily report, monthly report statistics. Can improve the current weighing by 10 times the accuracy. 10 unit price settings, storage, call, convenient trade settlement. Intelligently determine battery power, automatically shut down and protect the battery. Uninterrupted real-time clock, appointment date shutdown function.
Difference: Digital truck scale has anti-lightning, automatic adjustment of angle difference; analog type requires manual calibration and adjustment is poor, strong magnetic field ratio digital truck scale anti-interference ability is slightly worse, but strong magnetic field is mainly concentrated in empty mountainous areas, generally Will not be disturbed by lightning and attack, there is no need to increase costs

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