Discussion on 7 Usages of Halogen Moisture Meter

Halogen moisture meter is accurate and simple to use, widely used in medicine, food, feed, seeds, rapeseed, dehydrated vegetables, tobacco, chemicals, tea, food, meat and textiles, agriculture, forestry, paper, rubber, plastics, textiles and other industries In the laboratory and production process. Halogen moisture meter operation method is as follows:

1. Place the halogen moisture meter horizontally, adjust the front casters until the air bubbles in the leveler are transferred to the garden.

2. Press ON/OFF to start the balance and the analyzer will display the main screen.

3, the sample tray can put the right amount of sample. (The sample should be evenly spread horizontally on the sample pan).

4. Plug the halogen moisture meter's power socket into the power outlet.

5, halogen moisture meter can be connected to the printer, press the PRINT key printer print out the sample number, initial weight, the weight of the end of the test, the temperature at the end of the test, the test used time and moisture content 6, halogen moisture meter test is completed, under One test.

7. Then place the sample pan on the weighing pan, close the heating hood, press the SIART/STOP button after the display is stable, and the moisture test starts. An alarm sounds in the buzzer, indicating the end of the measurement. The display shows the time used for the measurement and the moisture content of the sample as well as the initial weight of the sample and the weight after drying.

Note: During the halogen moisture meter test, press the SIART/STOP key to end the test.

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