Four major maintenance tips for mobile refueling trucks

1. The crankshaft ventilation of mobile refueling vehicles must be ensured. Most of the gasoline engines used today are equipped with a positive crankcase ventilation device to promote the flow to the engine of the mobile refueling vehicle. However, some turbid substances in the helium gas will be deposited on the PDV. Around the valve, causing a blockage of the valve. Once the PCV valve has become clogged, a large amount of contaminated gas will flow in the opposite direction to the air filter. Contamination to the filter cartridge will greatly reduce its filtering performance. At the same time, the flow refueling truck has increased engine wear and increased fuel consumption. Cleanliness around the magazine and regular maintenance of the PCV valve is an important necessity.


2. In the long-term use of the engine tank of the mobile refueling vehicle, it is inevitable that there will be structural and rusting. These are actually normal. The scale and rust will not affect the liquidity of the coolant in the cooling system after long-term cleaning. At the same time, it will directly reduce the heat dissipation and cause the engine of the mobile refueling vehicle to be damaged or overheated. Happening. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the tank regularly.

3. During the operation of the engine of the mobile refueling vehicle, there will be deterioration of some objects to form sludge. When the amount of sludge is small, it will be suspended in the oil, but when the quantity is gradually increasing , it will plug the oil hole and filter. This will result in the lubrication of the engine of the mobile refueling vehicle, causing wear. In the periodical cleaning work, less cleaning of the crankcase is required, and the internal needs of the engine always maintain a good operating environment.

4. Lubricants used in mobile refuelling vehicles must be of a suitable quality level. In the regular replacement of filter cartridges and oils for fueling vehicles, in order to prevent the occurrence of some accidental failures, it is necessary to determine the timing of oil change according to the normal conditions of use of vehicles. The amount of oil to be filled is also based on the scale above the oil scale to add the appropriate amount, not too much. No matter what the quality of the lubricant, the quality of the lubricant will change when it is used. And after a certain amount of time, the mobile refueling vehicle's lubricating oil will cause a variety of failures after the engine has deteriorated. Therefore, the replacement of the filter and the engine oil of the mobile refueling vehicle is to do the relevant work.

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