Those agricultural projects that can make a fortune are actually scams.

[China Agricultural Machinery Network Industry News] In recent years, many farmers friends have turned their attention to rural entrepreneurship projects, hoping to embark on the road to get rich. Some scammers dig their brains and swindle money from the peasant brothers. The author collected 46 items of agricultural projects that were commonly used to make a fortune, in order to remind the peasants not to be deceived and deceived hard-earned money.

Those agricultural projects that can make a fortune are actually scams.

1. Ganoderma cultivation: The technology is true. However, the scammers have increased the purchase price by tens of thousands of times, saying that planting 2 square meters, the annual income of more than 100,000. What kind of recycling contract is still in place is actually a blind man.
2, Cordyceps sinensis: technology is still immature, the current success is only Cordyceps (a kind of something similar to Cordyceps). Even the current scientists are still in the experimental stage, let alone a large-scale promotion. The liar claims that the north and the south are suitable, everyone can do it, no matter what the soil quality, it seems that as long as you plant, you can get rich, simply nonsense.
3, the strawberry of the month and month results: no management, as long as planted into the soil, you are waiting to pick the fruit every month. This type of strawberry is available, but it is completely unsatisfactory. It is purely speculation.
4. Medicinal planting: In order to swindle money, scammers put some uncommon or very expensive medicinal materials into a slap in the face, what contracts are signed, and the price is recovered. In fact, the seeds you receive are either not germinated or have a surprisingly low survival rate. It is a big scam.
5, aloe planting: It does have a high nutritional value and medicinal value, but the units that can really be recycled are pitiful. At present, the units that use a lot of aloe have their own planting bases. The liar is to sell their seedlings.
6, Chinese black porpoise: the project fake, the name of "Chinese black dolphins" is completely fabricated by those who have premeditated. In fact, it is a guinea pig. The liar takes a new name for those animals that are worthless, and then calls them animals, misleading the operators, and thus making a big fortune. They sell seedlings and earn money for seedlings.
7, ants get rich: Liars claim to have more than 100,000 nests, raising ten nests can earn tens of thousands of yuan. All tricks
8, the American frog: the project is true, the market prospects are also good. But in the Chinese market, it is difficult to have real American frog seedlings. Those so-called seedlings are almost entirely cultivated by themselves.
9. Rana frog: It is the treasure of Northeast China. It can extract Rana oil, but not every place can be cultured. Don't be fooled.
10, spiders take poison: spider poison is indeed precious, but the poison taken by ordinary people can be no one wants. And not all spider poisons are useful. Say white, or sell seedlings or technology.
11, white jade snail: white jade snail is really good, and the nutritional value is extremely high. The liar claims that the investment is small, the cycle is short, and the profit is huge. However, the current market in China is still very small.
12, rice bran extraction of phytate calcium: technically true, but please do not engage, because the so-called high-priced recycling is fake.
13, pig blood extraction hemoglobin: technology is true, recycling fake.
14. Ostrich farming: The technology is real, but at present, China is mainly in the stage of speculation, and the timing of commercial utilization is not yet mature. Moreover, the purchase is extremely expensive, ranging from tens of thousands to tens of thousands of yuan.
16. Cactus planting: It is said that it has signed an underwriting contract with the growers, often using the “company farmer” order farming model to attract the participation of the majority of growers. In fact, cactus cultivation has not yet reached the stage of commercial application.
17. Farming carp: small sales and high technical requirements for feeding.
18, extra large jaundice: not a rare variety, but to buy some big cockroaches from the market, posing as precious varieties.
19. Breeding the nutria: The agricultural company and the breeder signed an underwriting contract and induced the farmers to be deceived in a high-return manner.
20, assembly of toy aircraft: no matter how new the name. It is also an ordinary toy airplane and is not attractive to children. Mainly to defraud the raw material deposit.
21. Breeding long-haired rabbits: Agricultural companies and breeding households sign underwriting contracts and induce farmers to be deceived in a high-return manner.
22. Gastrodia cultivation: Technology is real. Please be cautious as long as you are recycling the flag.
23, saffron: also called saffron, some renamed Pofran, etc., pharmacies are everywhere, the price is not as expensive as the propaganda, it is recommended not to plant.
24, garlic processing and recycling: scam, there have been countless people.
25, wheat straw production of cotton: can only produce white fiber, but can not be compared with cotton.
26, Germany x potato industry: known as the German German x potato industry domestic distributor. In fact, it is completely a myth created by a small domestic company. This is a reputable company, not doing market, just for the money of the circle dealers. Many people have been deceived.
27, synthetic shell eggs: no nutrition, made no one.
28, micro biogas equipment (cans): technology is not mature for the time being, basically hype, in order to collect the initial fee.
29. New oil press. Machines and technology are reliable. However, there are “xx-type oil presses” on the market, many of which are counterfeit products. The quality of the pressed oil is inferior and the slag is still running seriously. They often hang the banner of a certain agricultural extension station to eliminate your suspicion, please be careful to buy.
30, straw door: Merchants advertising boast that the main raw material for production is straw. In fact, the main raw materials are magnesium oxide and magnesium chloride, fiberglass cloth and active agent, straw only accounts for about 10%. Such companies often use the brand of xx University and the banner of technology to serve the country, swindling and deceiving, deceiving the people who are eager to get rich.
31. Straw gasifier: The technology needs to be improved and the cost will be reduced.
32. Breeding civet: low nutritional value and small market sales.
33. Feeding spiders: Can't play, can't eat, can't be used. There is no value at all.
34, Space Valley: purely hype, farmers friends should not be deceived.
35. Sand mining on pigs: cinnabar is a mineral. There is no "sand" in the pig, which is purely false information.
36. Duck Alchemy: Can't believe it.
37, egg processing egg white: boast high price recycling, deceptive.
38. Rice husk extraction Nano Si02: Si02 is silica, rice husk extracts SiO 2, the cost is high, and the market is not good.
39. Breeding freshwater lobster: It is a real and reliable farming technology. But many companies now have the idea of ​​breeding lobsters. How easy it is to boast aquaculture and how high the yield of seedlings is. These are unrealistic empty words, all for the purpose of frying their shrimps.
40. Firewood gas burning furnace: real project. However, the current advertisers are solely to defraud the franchise fee and sell the parts at a high price.
41. Corn refined protein powder: a reliable project with mature technology. Some materials claim to provide machinery, raw materials, and processed product recycling. Please be cautious in such situations, be careful to be deceived.
42. Capture the hare and pheasant: the effect is poor, don't be fooled.
43. Synthetic egg equipment: There is no market for artificial eggs, and there is no market for machine-made artificial eggs. Please be cautious!
44. Ecological farming: You need to plant fruit trees, raise hybrid chickens under the fruit trees, weeding chickens in the orchard (in fact, ordinary loose chickens), and then use chicken manure to breed flies and cockroaches, so that they can be recycled and used to raise chickens without feed. Liars often say that providing seedlings and recycling products is nothing more than tempting to sell seedlings at high prices.
45, high-priced recycled medicinal materials: often with the xx medicinal materials research institute, xx medicinal materials field signs, sales seed seedlings, some of the price declines in the ads boast. Some varieties that have stricter requirements on the environment and cultivation techniques are said to be suitable for both the north and the south, easy to manage, and others are deceiving by the "joint venture" and "recycling".
46. ​​Selling “super high-yield” and “new excellent” varieties: using the psychology of farmers seeking high yields, selling some varieties of crops that have not been examined (recognized). Others have changed the well-known general variety to a brand new name, confusing the introducer.

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