How to remove the rubber and carbon deposit

If the sewage suction truck malfunctions, it will have an impact on its normal operation and will affect the quality of its use. Therefore, it must be avoided that the sewage suction truck malfunctions. The removal of glial and carbon deposits on the suction truck in time can greatly reduce the incidence of failure. Then, how to remove the rubber and carbon deposits of sewage suction vehicles? The following Xiaobian introduces you to the specific removal method.


Sludge vehicle colloid and carbon removal method description:

1, the traditional method. After the engine is disassembled and cleaned, this method can not clean up the gums and carbon deposits left behind by the gasoline, the effect is not very good, and it is time-consuming and time consuming. Also, the engine assembly is now fixed. Completed in the environment, can not normally have the original manufacturer's assembly environment when disassembling the loading and unloading; and self-removal of the engine may encounter technical inexperienced problems, if blindly disassemble it and then install it back, may have a certain impact on its function, For example, the power is not as good as before, the sealing performance is not good, and so on, these are things that will affect the normal use of sewage suction trucks, so you can not use this method as far as possible not to use.

2, a novel method. Adding a certain proportion of fuel system cleaning protection agent to the fuel tank can automatically help clean up the gasoline caused by gum, carbon deposition and other problems. The fuel system cleaning and protective agent primer clothing is a special product for gasoline machinery, so it does not It will have any impact on the machine; it will not have any impact on the performance of the engine, it does not need to disassemble the engine, etc. It is simple and effective, and is more worthy of modern people's use and choice.

Suction sewage truck gum and coke how clear? Suggestion after clearing the gum and carbon deposits as sewage suction trucks, fuel filter should also want a change, they will not have poor oil supply problems. Pay attention to all aspects of the sewer truck in a timely manner and help it to do a good job of cleaning, repairing, and maintenance. Only then can the sewer truck normally work normally and the service life will be longer.

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