Motor vehicle insurance

This article will introduce motor vehicle insurance from three aspects, its meaning, classification and some of its main features.


I. Meaning

Motor vehicle insurance covers the loss of motor vehicles caused by natural disasters and accidents, as well as the economic compensation for third-party property losses and personal injuries.

two. Main classification

1. Basic Insurance: Vehicle Loss Insurance, Traffic Accident Liability Compulsory Insurance, and Third Party Liability Insurance.

2. Additional risks: stolen emergency insurance, glass breakage insurance, vehicle suspension loss insurance, spontaneous combustion loss insurance, new equipment damage insurance, and non-deductible special insurance.

In the purchase of vehicle insurance, if the basic insurance is not insured, the above additional insurance may not be insured; the liability of the basic insurance is terminated and the insurance liability of the additional insurance is terminated at the same time.

three. Motor vehicle insurance features

1. The insurance object has a high probability of risk, and the insurance coverage rate is high. The popularity of motor vehicles is relatively high. In China, the use of automobiles as a means of transportation has become a consensus of everyone, and it is accompanied by the accident rate that is difficult to reduce. When calculating the probability of occurrence of insurance, the base is large, and in one year The number of accidents is also high. .

2. The occurrence of an insurance accident is usually closely related to a third party. Traffic accidents are usually not caused by one person. Certainly there is a third party involved in order to cause damage to the vehicle. Therefore, a third party liability insurance is generated. The losses caused by the three parties are paid back by the insurance company to the third party after the insurance company makes the payment.

3, the use of absolute deductible and no compensation benefits. Motor vehicle insurance does not compensate for all losses. It is necessary to determine the amount of compensation after the insurance company has been approved, and set different rates according to the proportion of accidents.

4. Particularity of compensation for losses

5. The use of variable-value insurance applies to subrogation claims and appointments. The so-called subrogation claims refer to the insurance accidents caused by the risks of the insurance policy in the property insurance, such as the motor vehicle insurance mentioned in this article, and the accident is caused by the third party liability. The insurer pays the insured person. After the insurance claims are paid, the right to claim a third party is obtained according to law. This right acquired by the insurer is called subrogation right, also called subrogation. In other words, the amount of indemnity paid by the insurance company can be retrieved from a third party.

6, compensation mainly to take repair. In the event of a car accident, most of the vehicles were sent to the repair shop. For the sake of their own interests, the insurance company usually repairs damaged vehicles directly, and rarely directly replaces them with new ones.

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