Water truck knowledge inventory

Before the introduction of a variety of small tankers knowledge, the first small series with you a brief look at the use of water tankers, water tankers also known as water trucks, water tankers, with hot water, cold water features, Can meet the user's requirements in different environments, generally based on customer requirements for restructuring. Its main structure is the car chassis, inlet and outlet systems and tanks. The water truck is equipped with a special high-power sprinkler pump with national leading quality, with fire joints, with self-flow valve, with self-priming function, can be equipped with electric pump, hot water pump, stainless steel pump, fully meet the needs of all users. The common parameters for transporting water in life are as follows:


Self-priming water truck height: ≤ 7m, watering width: ≥ 20m, maximum range: ≥ 28m; can be adjusted into a column, a range of ≥ 28m; can also be adjusted into a fog, a range of ≥ 5m.

The front is water spray, equipped with a duck-shaped nozzle or a round-headed nozzle; behind it is sprinkled water, there are common shower head nozzle, the back can generally be equipped with several water jets for flushing streets or urban gardens for greening watering jobs.

Water trucks are generally categorized according to their functions, including gardening, greening, engineering, and drought resistance. Recalling the time and place of the water truck in my sight, I feel that the most common one near the various bathrooms is the warm water tanker, because it is hot water, so the material of the water tanker is filled with water. There is a high demand, but the best place for a water truck is that it can be used for both vehicles and vehicles. In the summer, it can be greened and hot water can be installed in winter.

How to make water truck work longer, Xiao Bian has secret recipe, most people I do not tell him! The key to a good car is the chassis of the car. The chassis is really good. The most important thing for the transport truck chassis to protect and nurse the health care is rust prevention. In recent rainy weather, this will cause water and mud on the road. A lot of mud will be splashed on the chassis of the vehicle. It will be difficult to clean and tidy. After a long time, the chassis will be eroded and oxygenated. Rust reduces its service life. Therefore, the owner of the majority of water tankers must regularly check the chassis and perform simple maintenance on the body.

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