What are the causes of oil leakage from self-loading garbage trucks?

The self-loading garbage truck is easy to operate, can make the work of the sanitation workers easier, and does not need to have too much contact with the garbage. Therefore, most garbage trucks currently belong to self-loading garbage trucks. When a self-loading garbage truck is driven, if a vehicle leaks, it will affect the vehicle's travel, vehicle operating costs, vehicle technical functions, etc. It may also cause environmental pollution, and may cause hidden safety hazards. In the face of oil spills, we must solve them in a timely manner. What is the reason for the leakage of self-loading garbage trucks? Xiaobian introduces you to relevant knowledge.


Reasons for oil leakage from self-loading garbage truck:

1. The accessories of self-loading and unloading garbage trucks are of poor material quality, insufficient production technology level, low quality, and faults in the overall structural design.

2. The surfaces of the thin-walled parts and side-covered parts on the self-disposal garbage truck are deformed, the shell is damaged, etc., and the lubricating oil leaks.

3. The tightening nut of the self-loading garbage truck is not tightened, and loosening may occur, causing the oil to leak out.

4. When you add lubricating oil, the amount is too much, which exceeds the oil level in the normal level, causing it to leak and seep.

5. No models were used for self-loading and loading garbage truck modification parts, and installation was not performed according to the corresponding regulations.

6. The life of the sealing material runs out, and the wear is severe and there is aging, deformation, deterioration, and so on. It is necessary to replace the sealing material again to allow it to return to normal.

7. The check valve and the vent plug are clogged, resulting in unbalanced air pressure inside and outside the box. Under this effect, there is a risk of oil leakage in the weak seal of the mailbox.

What if the self-disposal garbage truck leaks oil? The driver needs to be able to actively deal with the problem when the self-loading garbage truck leaks. After the active disposal, the self-loading garbage truck must be opened to the after-sales maintenance site for detailed inspection. Find out the actual cause of oil leakage from the self-loading garbage truck and then control it according to the reason.

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