Highway Tunnel Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

China's highway business is booming, and highway tunnels that are being built and operated are increasingly preventing growth. Next, I introduce a professional term “motor tunnel engineering for highways”, which is a sub-project of highway electromechanical engineering, including ventilation, lighting, fire protection, monitoring, and low-voltage power supply.


Carbon monoxide, smoke, and odor are produced when the vehicle passes through. The ventilation system dilutes these gases. Generally, a jet fan installed directly above the carriageway is used, and foreign countries also install ventilation ducts inside the tunnel ceiling. The lighting system generally uses fluorescent lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps, and LED lamps. It is usually installed above the traffic lane and above the tunnel's cross hole to meet the requirements for uniform illumination of the road surface within the tunnel. It is divided into basic lighting, enhanced lighting, emergency lighting, and horizontal lighting. Cave lighting; divided by section into the introduction section, adaptation section, transition section, basic section and exit section. The fire protection system mainly includes emergency broadcasting system, fire monitoring system, sound and light alarm system, and fire extinguishing system; related equipment includes: fire detectors, fire control controllers, fire alarms, fire hydrants, fire extinguishers, pressurized facilities, and water supply facilities. The monitoring system generally includes vehicle detectors, meteorological detectors, closed-circuit television monitoring systems, emergency telephone systems, environmental detection equipment (including CO sensors, smoke sensors, wind direction wind speed sensors, etc.), traffic guidance facilities, variable information signs, and monitoring computer systems. Wait. The power supply and distribution system mainly includes the fan of the ventilation system, the lighting system of the lighting system, the water pump of the fire protection system, and the monitoring system to provide power support. The power supply and distribution system is to bring the power of the nearby substations to the tunnel openings, and then to convert them into tunnel voltages through the box substations or transformer substations.

Electromechanical engineering is a general concept of a complex system, high technical integration, and high technical reliability. It consists of ventilation facilities, lighting equipment, fire detection and alarms, emergency call-response facilities, traffic detection and control, cable broadcasting systems, ventilation and lighting control facilities, closed-circuit television monitoring facilities, central management and control facilities, and so on. There will also be more facilities and equipment for the implementation of road sections in different regions.

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