Hankook Tire pushes a full-enhanced truck tire

With the continuous expansion of the modern logistics industry, Hankook Tire will launch a reinforced all-wheel truck tire , the AH85+ mid-to-long-distance road truck tire, in June. As a newly upgraded product of the AH85 truck tires of Hankook Tire, the AH85+ is more in line with domestic roads, load and weather conditions, and its durability and wear resistance are significantly improved.

The fully upgraded all-wheel-drive truck tire AH85+ is exceptionally eye-catching in terms of wear resistance and meets the high-strength driving requirements for freight vehicles on paved roads such as national highways and provincial highways. Based on the higher demand for economy and safety of truck drivers, the AH85+ focuses on strengthening the important load-bearing parts such as belts, linings, and toes so that it has excellent load carrying capacity and resistance to damage, greatly prolonging The tire change cycle, while the mileage comparison AH85 increased by more than 5%. In addition, the AH85+ tread adopts a Z-shaped pattern structure and a horizontal watermark design, so that even if the tire is already at the limit of wear, it can ensure the best driving and braking performance in all weathers and reduce potential safety hazards.

In 2010, Hankook Tire launched the AH85, which is hardwearing and durable, to help solve the problem of high tire loss in the high-cost operation of the domestic transportation industry, and has been welcomed by truck drivers since its introduction into the market. "With the core technology of Hankook Tire's Kontral, we have introduced the enhanced AH85+ this year. The logo of '+' not only represents an overall improvement in the economy and safety of this upgraded product, but also reflects Hankook Tire's presence in the Chinese market. "We pay more attention," said Mr. Yuansheng Wu, general manager of marketing and sales of Hankook Tire's China headquarters for passenger cars and trucks.

According to the latest data released by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers in April this year, the number of large trucks in China will continue to grow in 2012. With accurate understanding of the market, Hankook Tire began to lay out its domestic truck market as early as 2004. Adhering to the high quality product strategy, Hankook Tire has achieved outstanding results in an extremely fierce competitive environment. In 2012, with the full-scale production of Hankook Tire's Chongqing Plant Phase 1 (Nissan TBR 2400) and the continued increase in the number of TBX (super-endurance) truck tire brand service franchise stores (up to 400 at the end of the year), Hankook Tires will bring high-quality products and services to more Chinese truck and bus users.

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