When the woman was born, the account was falsely reported as a male and five proofs were still difficult to change back.

When the woman was born, the account was falsely reported as a male and five certificates proved difficult to change back to the diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2012-04-13

Five certificates can't restore "her body"
Yuanzhou District Public Security Bureau promises to solve as soon as possible
(Jiangxi) A woman in Yuanzhou District, Yichun cannot register her identity card because of her account.
Liang Fuquan, who lives in Nankeng Village, Feijiantan Township, Yuanzhou District, Yichun City, Jiangxi Province, is a 19-year-old girl. However, she has been troubled by the misrepresentation of her husband at birth for several years. Now, she, who is ready to go out to work, cannot make her identity card because she cannot change the gender of her account, making her and her family feel bad.
On the 12th, the reporter saw from the account of Liang Fuquan that she was born in 1993. The gender in the account is male. His father, Liang Huafu, told reporters that when his daughter was born, she was mistakenly reporting her sex as a male when she was on the account because she was careless. When her daughter was young, she did not pay much attention to it. Until her daughter had grown up in the last two years, she had to go out to work and realized that she could not do anything without an ID card. She immediately regretted the misstatement at that time.
Liang Fuquan told reporters that in order to correct this mistake, she went to the local police station to consult several times. The staff asked about this proof, and once again said that it was necessary to prove that every time he opened the proof he could not say no. She submitted a total of five applications for individual applications, parental birth certificates, and townships, villages, groups, and schools. However, the household registration information was not successfully changed.
Liang Fuquan said that she had been hired to work outside, but each time she was rejected because she didn’t have an ID card. On several occasions, she wanted to travel with her classmates and friends, but also because she did not have an ID. Now she talks about her boyfriend. If she can't get an ID card, she can't even register her marriage even if she is of legal age.
On the same day, the reporter contacted the Feijiantan police station where Liang Fuquan was located. A police officer who answered the phone said that the required certification materials were stipulated by the Municipal Public Security Bureau and were also stipulated above. You asked them well and finished Hang up the phone.
Soon, relevant leaders of the Public Security Bureau of Yuanzhou District called the reporter and said that although Liang Fuquan’s resumption of gender issues was a strict procedure, it would be investigated as soon as possible.
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