China independently develops environmental test chamber

With the advent of the 21st century, the multipolarization of the world's pattern and the globalization of the economy have led to the introduction of the environmental test box industry into China's large market. Due to a wide range of applications, environmental test chamber equipment has gained a lot of room for development. However, many companies are blindly following the trend. Compared with imported equipment, there is a big gap between the two. China needs to increase its own research and development capabilities and shorten its differences with foreign technology levels.

The environmental test chamber simulates the natural environment climate by means of science and technology, and studies how different environments will cause disruption to modern industrial products. Representative tests of environmental test chambers include low pressure (high altitude) tests, high temperature tests, low temperature tests, and thermal shocks. Test, solar radiation (sunshine) test, rain test, moisture proof test, mold proof test, salt spray test, dust test, etc.

After years of development, China's R&D of environmental test cases has matured, but there is still a certain gap compared with foreign countries. First of all, there are many kinds of instruments in our country, but smart instruments started late. The large number of bases makes our instruments digital, intelligent, and integrated.

At present, the overall characteristics of environmental test chambers are high reliability, high functionality, and high utility, while the reliability of test chambers produced in China is poor. The gap between China's test chambers and foreign test chambers is also in this area. Intelligent ultraviolet weather resistance test cases abroad have adopted new technologies such as variable frequency speed control, new motors, low labor consumption, intelligence, and field bus. The same domestic technology has just begun.

In addition to the technical gap, the gap in product quality still exists. In terms of quality performance. Imported environmental test chambers have good sealing performance, and the heat transfer performance of the wall is strong. Due to the symmetry of the structural structure, the temperature inside and outside the chamber is even; domestically produced, due to the asymmetric structure and poor sealing performance, work is caused. Room temperature is not uniform.

The types and specifications of domestic test chambers are incomplete and the level of automation is low. When foreign instruments have been monitored by computers throughout the process, manual operations are still needed in the country. At the same time, most of the domestic test boxes are concentrated in the low-middle and high-end fields. There are few high-end test boxes or even blanks. In contrast, domestic high-end equipment with Zeeman scene correction skills has not yet been developed in China, and high-end demand depends on imports.

From the structural point of view, the import and domestic make a great difference in the structure. The former has a simple structure, simple operation and long service life. The latter adopts an imported temperature and humidity controller and high-precision control; the humidity is a visual display control, and the original temperature and humidity control defects are eliminated.

From another perspective, disadvantages can also be transformed into advantages. Because of the different construction costs, their prices are also different. The quality of environmental test chambers in foreign countries is relatively dominant, and they can be expensive. Domestically produced equipment, however, continues to rise due to its quality and cheap advantages.

A few days ago, a rapid temperature change environmental test chamber independently developed by the 702 Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation was put into use. The test chamber simulates the high and low temperature environment of satellites and conducts temperature impact tests.

The temperature change of the test chamber is fast. From the highest temperature to the lowest ambient temperature of 396 degrees Celsius, the temperature difference can be converted to each other in only 10 seconds, which fills the gap in the domestic temperature change environmental testing technology. The chamber uses a closed-loop temperature differential control system to enable rapid temperature changes. The extreme temperature inside the test chamber is 200 degrees Celsius. In terms of low temperature, the 702 innovative use of liquid nitrogen as a refrigerant medium, so that the extreme low-temperature test environment reached minus 196 degrees Celsius.

The environmental test chamber plays an important role in industrial development. Its performance and quality are related to industrial safety. Whether it is made domestically or imported, it must be unwaveringly convinced, full of enthusiasm, advanced and excellent technology, and professionally enriched. Products create and welcome a more successful and beautiful future!

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