Dalian built state-level ship oil spill emergency equipment library

The Maritime Affairs Bureau of Liaoning Province announced at a press conference held in Shenyang on the 5th that the largest state-level ship oil spill emergency response equipment warehouse in northern China has been completed and passed acceptance in Dalian.

Wang Yuehui, deputy director of the Liaoning Maritime Safety Administration, said that the Dalian Ship Spill Emergency Equipment Library is being built by the Ministry of Transport with an investment of 42.2 million yuan and a building area of ​​1,658 square meters. The library includes large oil skimmers, unloading pumps, heavy oil booms and microbial oil dispersants.

"Dalian Shipbuilding Oil Spill Emergency Equipment Warehouse was built, which indicates that Liaoning Coast has a large-scale modernized and professional oil spill emergency response base," said Wang Yuehui.

At present, Liaoning has formed an oil spill emergency force system consisting of national equipment stores, port companies, and social cleansing forces. The number and processing capacity of emergency equipment have been greatly improved. For example, the number of skimmers increased from 34 at the end of 2010 to 88 today.

Experts estimate that Liaoning’s emergency disposal capacity for coastal pollution has increased from a one-time response to 200 tons of oil spills to a current one-time response to 500 tons of oil spill pollution.

Liaoning has large ports such as Dalian Port and Yingkou Port. In 2011, the port throughput of the entire province reached 780 million tons, of which the high-pollution liquid dangerous goods such as crude oil and refined oil reached 177 million tons. With the rapid growth of the throughput of coastal ports, the risk of ship pollution accidents is also increasing. From 2007 to 2011, a total of 73 ship pollution accidents occurred along the coast of Liaoning Province, and the oil spill amounted to 310 tons.

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