Temperature and humidity maintenance: In the high temperature test, the temperature change cannot reach the test temperature value-Dongguan Zhengtai Testing Instrument Co., Ltd.

You can check the electrical system and troubleshoot one by one. If the temperature rises too slowly, the wind circulation system needs to be checked to check if the wind circulation is normal. Otherwise, check whether the motor operation of the wind circulation is normal. If the temperature overshoot is too large, you need to set the PID parameters. If the temperature rises directly, causing over-temperature protection, then the solid state relay has broken down and can be replaced.

BMC Injection Molding Machine

Bmc Injection Molding Machine is able to produce the BMC injection molding.  And the BMC injection molding is composed of a thermoplastic or thermosetting material made by various shapes of plastic injection molding. It is suitble for single color plastic products or integrated products. In the production, clients can per the own requirements to select small BMC Injection Molding Machine, vertical BMC injection molding machineservo BMC injection molding machine and other kinds BMC injection molding machine

Features & Applications:

1. Vertical mode locking, vertical injection.

2. Independdent vertical mode locking system.

3. Slide table design, operation more convenient, safer and more efficient.

4. Optional servo system, energy saving and environmentally friendly.

BMC Injection Molding Machine

Bmc Injection Molding Machine,Special Bmc Injection Molding Machine,Bmc Vertical Injection Molding Machine

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