Jiahao teamed up with Manheng to build a ship design simulation system

The development of the shipbuilding industry affects a country's military, agricultural, economic and other fields, and is one of the key indicators to measure the manufacturing level of a country. As a capital, technology and labor-intensive industry, the shipbuilding industry itself is a large and complex system involving the design, manufacture, assembly and launching of hulls, including many organic links between manpower and material resources.
With the development of computer and network technology, the application field of virtual simulation technology has been expanded in all directions. It has extremely important practical significance for modern production and manufacturing, and it is another "industrial revolution" in the new century. Usually, the production cycle of shipbuilding is long. The introduction of virtual reality and simulation system can penetrate the whole process of shipbuilding, effectively improve the management and control level of design planning and development and manufacturing, instead of the original extensive operation mode. The transparency of process management has been greatly enhanced.
In the third quarter of this year, Shanghai Jiahao Ship Engineering Design Co., Ltd. and Manheng jointly created a leading virtual digital simulation system for graphic digital ship design. As a professional civil ship and marine engineering comprehensive technology service enterprise with the largest scale and comprehensive strength in China, Shanghai Jiahao has always had extensive and good cooperation with the shipping industry and shipbuilding industry at home and abroad, and has been widely recognized and praised by customers. . Considering the increasingly competitive situation of the domestic shipbuilding industry, traditional design and manufacturing methods are far from meeting the needs of modern marine users. This time Jiahao is at the forefront of the industry and has become one of the few ships in the industry that adopts virtual reality technology. R & D manufacturing companies. Throughout China's many 3D image technology service providers, Man Heng has won unanimous recognition in the industry with its professional graphics development technology and rich personalized solutions, and finally became a partner of Jiahao.
Through the DVS3D virtual reality software platform independently developed by Man Heng, this professional virtual ship simulation system tailored for Jiahao supports visual simulation of ship design, manufacturing, assembly and performance detection in virtual reality environment, further reducing The difference between hull design and customer needs. At the same time, the designer can make timely and sufficient adjustments and evaluations of all aspects of the process at any node, effectively reducing the development cycle and project cost, and mastering the controllability and maintainability of the final hull component assembly in the design and management personnel. Hands. In addition, with the Manson DVS3D platform, the huge data of the whole ship can be lightly processed, and the data interface of Tribon and CADDS5 can be tested and the data performance can be tested through the DVS3D data interface to realize direct conversion of data. With the construction of large-screen 3D reality equipment, it can simulate a series of applications such as assembly manufacturing process, digital sample ship, virtual lifting, and support interactive simulation control to ensure orderly execution of shipbuilding from initial design to final delivery.
For ship research and development companies like Jiahao, the virtual simulation system developed by Manheng will bring a more complete visual 3D presentation to the final product. Through accurate data acquisition and virtual reality means, the ship's initial design concept, construction process, hull performance and virtual environment operation mode are presented to customers in a more visual and intuitive form, which better demonstrates the creativity and research and development of shipbuilding enterprises. Strength, with more accurate performance to win more customer audience and industry recognition.
The sea sails by the helmsman . Manheng brings the newly developed DVS3D virtual software platform and numerous virtual simulation products and services to provide an innovative way for the design and manufacture of the marine industry. Professional technology and personalized service effectively solve today's problems. Increasingly complicated and intensified competition will help all kinds of shipping companies to be brave and unfavorable.

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