Xichai join hands with suppliers to discuss development plans

From December 10 to 14, 2011, Wuxi Xichai held a procurement meeting in Xiamen with hundreds of suppliers. The conference focused on the main line of “quality, technology, and innovation” and discussed the future development plan of “concentricity, alliance, and win-win”.

In 2011, FAW Xichai, which had entered four startups, built a strong supply chain with the same goals, sharing interests, and sharing risks. It established a close strategic alliance of innovation, mutual benefit, honesty and trustworthiness, and joint development to build support for Xichai. A stronger, bigger core resource platform is a strategic task for the company. In the past year, Xichai has worked with a wide range of suppliers to implement a variety of measures to promote zero-kilometer failures; to strictly and orderly promote the work of the second exemption; to rapidly promote the work of two-dimensional codes; to strengthen quality control and strictly control the quality of parts; Conscientiously carry out quality research; accelerate the development of the L/M procurement part production line, strengthen the quality of negotiations to improve and manage. The adoption of these measures has enabled Xichai's quality to be effectively safeguarded and supported by the system.

At the procurement meeting, Xichai recognized a number of advanced suppliers: 30 companies such as Bosch Automotive Diesel Systems Co., Ltd. and Mahle Engine Components (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. passed the first batch of core supplier certifications from Xichai; Hunan More than 20 companies such as Tianyan Machinery Co., Ltd. won the Best Supplier Award, Outstanding Supplier Award, Quality Excellence Award, and concurrent Development Excellence Award.

In this procurement meeting, Xichai not only announced the “2011 Quality Certification Report”, but also arranged the 2012 quality work, announced the “Implementation Decision on the Management of Supplier Quality Auditing Measures”, and issued 2012 The supplier's quality breakthrough plan, and organized suppliers to carry out technical and business negotiations, signed related contracts and agreements.

At the meeting, Xichai proposed quality-centered, full-scale, full-position, full-process, and full-system linkages to achieve a comprehensive upgrade of products, quality, and brand; to use innovation-driven measures to accelerate structural adjustment and economic development. The pace of change in development methods, the realization of efficiency, efficiency, and effectiveness of all-round improvement; to take responsibility requirements as the goal, to grasp the main lifeline of the plant development, to break the market bottleneck, to achieve sales, share, satisfaction, the overall upgrade of the new procurement work ideas.

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