More than 1,000 people caught in the fire at Shenzhen Luohu Port were suspected to be caused by the aging of the line

More than 1,000 people were caught in the fire at Luohu Port in Shenzhen and were suspected to be caused by the aging of the line caused by diesel generators | diesel generators price / 2012-04-17

More than 1,000 people were trapped in the fire at Luohu port
The fire was suspected due to the aging of the line; the implementation of the two-way retreat on that night was the first time since the establishment of the SAR
At 7:34pm on the 16th, a fire broke out on the third floor of the Joint Inspection Building at Luohu Port in Shenzhen. The fire affected the power supply system. At the Lo Wu Control Point on that night, a two-way retreat was implemented. A large number of Hong Kong people who needed to cross the border were told they could not enter or leave the port. Other ports. According to Shenzhen Customs, the cause of the fire was caused by the aging of the third-floor shaft line.
It is understood that Luohu Port is one of the important ports connecting Shenzhen and Hong Kong. The daily average flow of people is more than 100,000 and the peak hours of holidays and holidays are more than 300,000. Retreat at Luohu Port was the first time since the establishment of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone.
The scene is dense with burnt smell
At 9 o'clock in the evening, the reporter received a report that arrived at the Luohu port. On the viaduct on the third floor of the building, there are already three fire engines on standby, and one fire engine is parked next to the entrance on the first floor. At the entrance and exit of the first floor, the air is filled with pungent burnt smell, and the lobby is full of smoke.
In the square in front of the Lo Wu Control Point, despite the drizzle, passengers with plenty of luggage still waited here to try to cross the border to Hong Kong. In the square and nearby places where people are concentrated, there are security guards to maintain order. A port security officer traveled to consult the passengers to explain that the Lo Wu port line had a breakdown, the 2nd and 3rd floors of the electric gate had all been closed, and on-site inspections were underway. He suggested that the tourists who surrounded should choose Shenzhen's other gateway to Hong Kong.
Passenger is trapped in the hall for an hour
On the first floor, the reporter encountered Mr. Wang, a passenger who had just entered Shenzhen from Hong Kong. According to its description, Mr. Wang entered the Luohu Port from Hong Kong at 8 o'clock in the evening. When he entered the hall, he was informed that he could not normally enter Shenzhen. However, the gate from Hong Kong to Luohu Port is still open, so a steady flow of passengers from the Hong Kong side Influx of entrance hall, hall crowded, gathered more than a thousand people. There was an unpleasant burning smell, and people were covering their noses and mouths, but there was no confusion on the scene. By 9 o'clock in the evening, these talents were gradually released into Shenzhen.
Regarding the conditions inside the Joint Inspection Building, there are Hong Kong tourists entering Shenzhen who also said: “You can't see the fire, but it is estimated that the breaker was broken and it smelled bad.”
Fire caused by the aging of the suspect line
At about 10 o'clock in the evening, according to a person in charge of Luohu Customs, the fire site was located in the shaft at the southwest corner of the third floor. There was indeed an open fire and a lot of smoke, but it was then extinguished. The official said that the initial cause of the fire was caused by the aging of the line. It is also known that the fire shaft was owned by the Luohu Port Management Office.
According to the person in charge of Luohu Customs, the Customs evacuated the passengers within 10 minutes of the onset of the fire. At that time, the fire was not great. Persuading the passengers who had not passed the test, they tried to get them back to Hong Kong or enter Hong Kong through the port.
20 trapped people found on the roof
At 11 o'clock in the evening, Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Fire Brigade Propaganda Section Chief Zhuo Qian introduced that as of 10:40 pm, the Shenzhen Fire Fighting Unit was fighting to put out the fire and had not received reports of casualties. After receiving the fire alarm, the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Fire Brigade immediately dispatched 13 officers and men of Luohu Fire Squadron to the site for disposal. Later, Huang Beiling fire squadron and Sungang Fire Squadron 4 fire engines and 20 officers and soldiers were reinforced.
Yan Zhuoqian introduced that the Joint Inspection Building has a total of 11 floors, and the fire is located on the 3rd floor. As a result of the fire in the office line, the fire then spreads up and down along the pipeline. As the 5th floor is a power distribution room, the situation is very critical and it is one of the focuses of fire fighting. To be on the safe side, firefighters conducted a layer-by-layer search of floors above 4th floor to ensure that no missing corners were missed. In the end, Lo Wu Fire Squadron found 20 trapped people on the top floor and promptly transferred them safely downstairs.
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